About Camp FLA

  • Campers have FUN and improve their swimming and love of all water activities with both instructional and recreational swim sessions.
  • They also play a variety of other sports and activities; Soccer, Frisbee, Flag Football, Volleyball, T-Ball, Softball, Kickball, Duffball ™, Relay Races, and many more.
  • Professional coaches, and college and high school counselors are professionally background checked.
  • SAFETY first, in our secure, welcoming environment on the beautiful campus of the Boca Prep International School.
  • Outdoor and Indoor Activities in our: Competitive and Instructional Swimming pool with state of the art temperature control system for perfect comfort, track, multi-purpose fields, sand volleyball court, air-conditioned classrooms, cafeteria, and change/rest rooms.
  • Campers will have FUN, make FRIENDS; and improve health and conditioning, motor skills, and understanding of many sports; with an emphasis on Swimming.
  • Discipline, self-confidence, self-esteem, and the abilities to work independently and as a team will be developed.
  • Campers bring his/her own lunch so they get what they want, as much as they want!
  • Camp FLA has been the camp of choice for 1000s of campers in South Florida over the last 10 years.

Types of Camps

MINI-Camp is the perfect place for children ages 5-9. Our introduction into the Camp FLA program gives our MINI-Campers the small dose of Camp they need to explore and get comfortable in the Camp world. Camp runs Monday thru Thursday (no Fridays) from 9am to 1pm; giving our little girls and boys just enough time away from home to learn, make friends, be happy, and be ready for Mom or Dad to bring them home. And enjoy long weekends with family without “missing” camp.

FULL Day FUN Camp gives our Campers ages 5-14 the FULL day they need to enjoy the FULL camp program. Camp runs 5-days per week from 9:00am-3:30pm to provide the safe “Home” away from home parents are looking for their kids. Campers will be provided two swim sessions and a FULL day of FUN-filled activities outdoors and indoors.

EXTENDED Day FUN Camp provides ALL a camper could want and doesn’t want to go home! Or one who needs to be cared for their parents’ complete workday. Camp runs 5 days per week from 9am-5:30pm. The longer day is more suited to the camper with lots of energy, ages 8-14. These campers will be given additional activity time and cared for 2 more hours per day in the same great, nurturing, team building environment.