Open Water Safety

Swimming in open water is very different than swimming in a pool. Open water environments like lakes and oceans do not have lane ropes, a flat bottom and walls to latch onto. Because of its unique setting, swimmers must be aware of open water swimming safety. By following a few tips and techniques, swimmers […]

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Swimming For Beginners

Learning to swim at any age can seem daunting, but if you keep these tips on swimming for beginners in mind, you should feel more comfortable getting into the water.
Get Swimming Lessons:
Consider getting swim lessons from a trained professional with current safety credentials. You can get lessons from a private swim coach, your local […]

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Private Swim Lessons – What Are The Pros And Cons?

You have many options about where you learn how to swim. You can go to your local YMCA, you can enroll in swim classes, or you can hire a private swim instructor. Private swim lessons are one-on-one sessions with a teacher and have their advantages and disadvantages.

Besides cost, there are other drawbacks to private […]

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Swim Clubs

Swimming on a swim team can improve the quality of your swimming and provide you with the opportunity to meet other swimmers. Whether you want to compete or just have some fun, selecting the right swim club is the key to meeting your goals. When you start your search, there are factors you should […]

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Swim Camps

Many swim clubs and organizations offer swimming camps over summer vacation. These swimming summer camps can be a great way for students of all stripes to build a strong foundation for the sport. No matter what your goal as a swimmer, there are swim camps available for you. What do you need to know […]

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Kid Swim Lessons

If your child is ready, formal swimming lessons can begin at age four. By age four, many experts agree that a child is physically and mentally capable of learning at least three swimming stokes: the dog paddle, freestyle and backstroke. With patience and practice, you can teach your child how to swim.

If your child […]

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Adult Swimming Lessons

Most people who learn to swim do so as children. But what about those of us who never learned to swim? Can we still learn to swim? Of course we can! There are swimming lessons for adults specifically. These adult swim lessons may be a little different than the ones you see the kids […]

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Baby Swimming Lessons

Many have debated if babies can actually swim. Babies cannot swim in the traditional sense. They lack the muscle control and coordination skills needed to perform any of the formal swimming strokes. Instead, babies can learn basic survival swimming, such as floating and kicking, which can be taught during sessions of baby swimming lessons.

Babies […]

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Swim School – What You Need To Know Before Choosing One

So you’ve decided that you want to get your child into swimming. Where do you start? How do you pick a good swim school? What should you pay for swimming lessons to avoid getting gouged in the pocketbook? Should your child have individual lessons or swim as a group or even as part of […]

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Swimming Lessons

Knowing how to swim is an essential life skill to have. If you can swim, you can rest easy in knowing that you and your family are much safer in and around water. Whether done for fun or for competitive sport, swimming can be a wonderful hobby. As a form of exercise, swimming on […]

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