Levels Of Swimming

There are different levels of swimming. These levels are divided by age and skill. Age group swimming, senior, and elite are the common levels of swimming.
Age Group Swimming
Young swimmers who are interested in competing get their start by joining a neighborhood swim team, local recreational team, school team, or a USA Swimming club team. […]

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Synchronized Swimming

Synchronized swimming is a graceful aquatic sport that combines swimming, gymnastics, and dance. The sport is a synchronized choreographed routine set to music. Synchronized swimmers have to be very strong. Swimmers are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool, so all the power for the lifts must come from the legs. Breath […]

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Water Polo

Water polo is a team aquatic sport and is played in the Olympics. Each team has seven players. Three players are defenders, three are forwards, and one is the goalie. Each team can have six other players for substitution purposes. Players tread water and swim during the game. To win, teams must score the […]

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Olympic Swimmer

To represent your country as and Olympic swimmer at the Olympic Games is a tremendous honor. How does an athlete become an Olympian? Many athletes begin training when they are children, but some do not start until high school or college. The road to the Olympics is difficult for any athlete, but the rewards are […]

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Swimming Junior Nationals

For swimmers 18 years old and under, the United States has a National Junior Team that competes nationally and internationally. The qualifying criteria are similar to the National Team. Swimmers must be members of USA Swimming in good standing, be a citizen of the United States, must not violate any rules or regulations, including […]

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International Swimming Competitions

In addition to the Summer Olympic Games, there are other international competitions for swimmers. Some of the major international swimming competitions are:

Pan American Games – Held every four years before the Summer Olympic Games, the Pan American Games are a major sporting event in the Americas. Athletes from North, South, and Central America come together […]

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Professional Swimming

Do you excel at swimming? Think you’re good enough to become a professional swimmer? If you do there are some things to think about. First and foremost, becoming a professional swimmer takes a lot of dedication and work so it is best if you start young. Secondly, there are two types of “professional swimmers” […]

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What You Need To Know Before Joining A Swim Team

A swim team is a great way to extend a child’s love of the water beyond mere recreational activities. It can consist of any number of students, headed by a swim coach (or a coach with assistants). The team will practice the various swim strokes that are used in swimming for sport. These strokes […]

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