Calories Burned Swimming Calculator

Swimming is an aerobic exercise that works large muscles groups without putting a lot of stress on your body. You can use a swimming calculator to estimate how many calories you have burned after each work out. To lose one pound, you need to burn 3500 calories. The amount of calories burned depends on […]

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Swimming For The Disabled

With the right equipment and a few accommodations, swimming can be enjoyed by people with disabilities. People with disabilities need to find a coach trained in teaching disabled people how to swim. One-on-one instruction is vital in teaching swimming to people with disabilities because instructors need to manipulate a swimmer’s limbs, guide a swimmer […]

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Breathing Techniques For Swimming

Learning the proper breathing techniques for swimming is an essential part of the sport. Breathing properly as you swim is vital to provide oxygen to your muscles so you can avoid fatigue and keep swimming longer. Here are a few tips to help you breathe correctly as you swim.

Focus on Exhalation: When you hold […]

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Swimming Technique

Taking the time to learn proper swimming technique is essential to your health and will aid you in getting good results during competitions.

There are four main reasons to learn proper swimming techniques:

Avoid Disqualification: USA Swimming and FINA have rules and regulations about competitions, including rules about swimming strokes. Not having simultaneous motions during the […]

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Olympic Pools

Modern Olympic swimming competitions are held indoors in Olympic pools. To make races consistent and fair from one Olympics to the next, FINA has established a standard size for the pool.

The required dimensions for an Olympic-sized pool are:

Length: 50 meters or 164 feet
Width: 25 meters or 82 feet
Number of lanes: 10
Lane width: 2.5 meters […]

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Dryland Workouts For Swimmers

To enhance your swimming performance, many experts recommend trying some dryland workouts for swimmers. A dryland workout is any exercise that is performed outside the water like weight training and running. Swimming uses almost all of your muscles, so developing muscle strength and cardiovascular health will make you a stronger swimmer.

Before you begin any […]

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Swimming Stretches

Stretching your muscles (not joints or ligaments) before and after a swim or any workout should be a part of your routine. Swimming stretches benefit your body because your flexibility increases, your joints have a wider range of motion, and your circulation improves. The most important benefit of stretching is injury prevention. Cold, stiff […]

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How Fin Swimming Can Work For You

If you or your swim coach are looking to improve your swims, consider adding fin swimming to your routine. Swim fins are made of rubber or plastic and are worn on the feet. Fins or flippers help swimmers and scuba divers move through the water. For swimmers, fins can be a very effective training […]

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Diving is an internationally-recognized sport and is defined as the action of jumping into water, often while performing acrobatic moves, and combines a variety of skills like flexibility and acrobatics. Whether as a recreational activity or competing in the Olympics, divers must be aware of their surroundings, especially the depth of the water. Most […]

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Triathlon Gear

You have decided to compete in a triathlon. The swim/bike/run event is a challenging race, and many see completing a triathlon as proof of their athletic strength. To have a successful triathlon, you need the proper gear for all three legs of the race.

The swim always takes place in open water. Swimmers must wear […]

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