Open Water Safety

Swimming in open water is very different than swimming in a pool. Open water environments like lakes and oceans do not have lane ropes, a flat bottom and walls to latch onto. Because of its unique setting, swimmers must be aware of open water swimming safety. By following a few tips and techniques, swimmers […]

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Baby Swimming Lessons

Many have debated if babies can actually swim. Babies cannot swim in the traditional sense. They lack the muscle control and coordination skills needed to perform any of the formal swimming strokes. Instead, babies can learn basic survival swimming, such as floating and kicking, which can be taught during sessions of baby swimming lessons.

Babies […]

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Swimming Safety Tips To Remember

Swimming Safety Tips
Swimming is fun for the whole family. It can also be extremely dangerous. To minimize danger near pools, whether at home or at the local public pool, here are a few water safety tips to keep in mind.

Always have a “swim buddy” – When not swimming under a coach’s supervision, swimmers should […]

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